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284 Cuba Street
Wellington, New Zealand

phone 64 4 801 5645 and leave a message

Who Are We?

The Nut Store began life in 1991 as a way of providing New Zealanders with fresh, good quality nuts and seeds. Disappointed with the quality and range of nuts which were available in New Zealand compared with Europe, the USA and Australia, we wanted to give New Zealanders access to a wide variety of good, fresh nuts.
Later we added dried fruit and whole spices to our range, focussing on New Zealand grown, organic and pesticide- and preservative-free products where ever available.

Who Buys Nuts?

From our shop at 284 Cuba Street, Wellington we provide retail and wholesale customers throughout the country with the highest quality nuts, seeds, dried fruit and spices which we can find. Our customers range from individual nut-lovers to restaurants, health food stores, bakeries and corporates.

Why Go Nuts??

As a food, nuts are a concentrated source of protein and of energy mostly in the form of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated oils - the types of oils which have been found to help lower LDL cholesterol when eaten instead of saturated fats.
Many nuts contribute useful amounts of minerals, notably calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, selenium and zinc, and vitamins - A, B complex and E - to your diet, even in the relatively small quantities in which they are usually eaten.
Quite aside from their healthy properties, nuts are delicious!

In the environment, the trees on which nuts grow provide shelter for birds, animals and people alike. They do not impoverish the soil, rather enrich it with leaf mould and water retaining capacity.
A paddock of grazing animals produces methane and CO2, both harmful greenhouse gases. An orchard of nut trees consumes CO2 and produces oxygen.
Trees stabilise the soil and hold water, preventing erosion and runoff, thus improving the quality of streams and rivers damaged by stock and agrichemical-intensive crop farming.
Many nut trees such as walnut, hickory and chestnut are valuable timber trees - but unlike pines or eucalypts, they produce a cash crop as they mature thus keeping the land in economic production.
Chestnut wood is naturally rot-resistant and can be used as fence posts or elsewhere outdoors without chemical treatment, even lasting longer than tanalised wood without poisoning the environment.

Eating more nuts is good for you, good for the environment and will help encourage more nut-growing in New Zealand and around the world: it's the best thing you'll do all day!

What's new at
The Nut Store?

We are operating on our Covid level one hours, 10am to 2.30pm weekdays and 11am to 1pm Saturday. Pop by the shop if you're in town, or if you live further away, online orders are being filled.

Please understand that couriers are still busy, especially as Christmas approaches, and orders may take longer to reach you.

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